Genre: Rock and Roll / Hard Rock
Members: Heather Lofflin, Lizz Weiler, Ben White, Dr. Jay D. Metz

ormed in the spring of 2015 in Lawrence, KS by Heather Lofflin (Suckle, Black Calvin, Honeybaby, Whisky Boots), Lizz Weiler (Emma Feel, Honeybaby, The Old Black, The Last Call Girls, The Cave Girls), Ben White (Truth Cell, Honeybaby, The Old Black, 1950DA, Godzillionaire) and Jerry Metz (Yuca Roots), Vedettes began with the simple intention of creating beautiful sounds with friends. The band quickly coalesced and found the core of their sound, a sort of glossed-up rawness that generates its power from sadness just as much as liberation (not unlike the average Glamor Shot, once available in fine shopping malls all across this beautiful country.)