March 31


09:00 pm

Event Website

Replay Lounge

946 Massachusetts St

Lawrence, KS, United States, 66044

The Stroppers

At a Stroppers show, it’s not unusual to watch frontman Joel Monroe play guitar with his left hand while simultaneously wailing rock melodies into a microphone held by his right. After Monroe plants the ever so welcomed earworm in your head, he proceeds to climb the kick drum and rip out a fuzzy guitar solo using his teeth in substitute of a pick. As you witness this, drummer Jazzy Bones continues lay down a brutally heavy and ferocious beat. Bones is sure to leave a resonating thump in the center of your chest with each smack. You notice that her main goal is to get your body moving, a job in which she easily succeeds. Monroe wraps up his guitar solo, or should I say flossing session, and leaps from the kick drum back onto the stage, just in time to reach the microphone and deliver the last singalong chorus of the song.

It is at this moment that you realize you are experiencing a true rock ‘n’ roll performance.


LYXE, a three piece pop-rock outfit based out of Lawrence, Kansas formed out of the love of getting fans to sing and dance along to hip shaking rhythms reminiscent of classic 80’s and 90’s sounds. They quickly became a favorite of crowds and musicians alike with the lead of Ryan Wise’s crooning vocals and vintage guitar sounds. The trio has an undeniable chemistry that caught the local scene like wildfire. Bassist AJ Knudson brings a loveable charisma to their live presence, while drummer Jimmy Girod’s subtle, elegant delivery gives this act a sophisticated backbone.

Captain Howdy:

Captain Howdy & The Sunset Serenaders are a three piece psychedelic fusion band from Lawrence, Kansas. We are currently recording our debut album, and ready to show you what we got!

$3 entry, doors at 9pm



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