January 19, 2019 10:00 pm

Replay Lounge

946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

785) 749-7676

Blackheart Saviors are playing a killer show for us! Joined by The Rackatees, and Vibralux!

Blackheart Saviors:
Formed during the summer/fall of 2017, Blackheart Saviors are a punk n’ roll band based out of Lawrence, KS. The group is comprised of current and former members of The Havok On Polaris, The Big Iron and The People’s Punk Band, that came together with the simple goal of getting loud, having fun and playing high energy punk n’ roll shows in a world that could definitely use more of it. All four members are long time veterans of the Lawrence, Kansas City and Emporia, KS music scenes and have played in numerous bands throughout the area over the last 25 years.
In July of 2017, not long after the demise of The People’s Punk Band, Havok On Polaris guitarist/vocalist, Tony Mendez, reached out to PPB’s rhythm section, Jimmy Kegin (bass/vocals), and Jason Meier (drums), about forming a new project. At around the same time former guitarist for The Big Iron and long time Kansas City resident, Paul Krowas, decided to move to Lawrence for a change of scenery.

After jamming with a few different people for the second guitar slot and not finding the right fit, Jason suggested his old friend Paul who he’d known for close to 20 years. After a couple of practices with Krowas, it became clear that this was going to work and the band started cranking out material in earnest.

The overall sound of the band combines a variety of punk, garage and underground/classic rock n’ roll influences with a big focus on strong vocal melodies, big loud guitars and rock solid grooves. Blackheart Saviors goal when you come to see them live is real simple: to get people up and moving, singing along and most importantly to have as much fun watching them as they’re having playing for you.

The Rackatees:
Punk Rock

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