November 10, 2018 10:00 pm

Replay Lounge

946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

785) 749-7676

Hey-oh! I Heart Local Music is thrilled to showcase another set of local bands for one outrageous night this Fall. We will also have the latest issue of the magazine on hand.

Wick & The Tricks – Wick and the Tricks is a glittering juggernaut of Rock-&-Roll that will leave you sweaty, smiling, and staggering home like a fiery one-night-stand. Ever since they crawled out of the trash soaked shores of the Missouri river and slipped into the streets of Kansas City, middle America has never been the same. Nationally infamous for their salaciously energetic performances full of political undertones, it’s likely by the end of the show you’ll either be making out or in a fist fight with one of them. Lucky you.

In the spirit of bands like the New York Dolls, The Stooges, and Jim Carroll the Tricks are carrying the torch of riot grrrl and queercore bands with some not so subtle nods to Joan Jett. They have played with such acts as Girl in a Coma, Punk Bunny, The Shondes, and Fea. Their most recent release, Not Enough, is a solid Rock-&-Roll album that will make you hop, skip, and jump into bed with the whole band.

The Sluts – Two-piece grunge punks. If there’s one band in Lawrence that continues to expertly satisfy the scene’s lust for 90’s rock and grunge ballads, it’s The Sluts. The foul-mouthed duo is known not only for memorable songs, but also psychotic fans at their live shows.

Young Mvchetes – Avant Garde hip-hop. Clad in snarls and a million shades of angst, Young Mvchetes is already one of the most menacing (and youngest) acts in the rapidly changing local hip-hop scene.