Starts in 3 Days, 17 Hours

January 27, 2019 7:00 pm

Frank’s North Star Tavern

508 Locust St

frank’s is having an open mic night for poetry and expression.

we will be having round robin sets

sign up starts at 7pm
poetry starts at 8pm

we welcome limited instrumental music. We have room for only 3 sets at 15min a set. so lite easy to move. if this is something you would be interested IM Matthew J Asbury

art, books and other merch is welcome with prior notice. so in other words if you have some art or a book (hell anything cool really) let Matthew know and he can get you set up with a booth for the night.

if you just love poetry but don’t have anything to read still come we will be having a book section to read from. and lots of tasty drinks to enjoy will you listen to some of the best poetry KC area provides.