December 8, 2018 10:00 pm

Replay Lounge

946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

785) 749-7676

Psychedelic Dungeon Rock darlings Pale Tongue are going to slay us for this rad Saturday night show & we’re pumped! Joined by KC’s premier drug rock party band Drugs & Attics, and punk fiends The Phlegms from Arkansas!

Pale Tongue:
New Album out with Manor Records
Dark, endlessly grooving and experimentally lysergic, Pale Tongue began as the pet project of Carlos Calderon and Nick Fredrickson (mem. The Appleseed Cast). Joined later by bassist James Thomblison (mem. Arc Flash, Psychic Heat) the trio has molded their ripping ‘dungeon rock’ sound into a fierce torrent of fuzz and fury, bending and merging gritty acidic psych-punk with hypnogogic dreamscapes, crafting a realm of experience dripping in cosmic horror and heady awe.

The trio’s self-titled debut EP was released October 5, 2018 via Manor Records (Kansas City, MO). A six-track exercise in swift no-frills garage fervor, “Pale Tongue” is a distorted cavalcade of garage sentiments tinged with Lovecraftian horror concepts. Shifting effortlessly between teeth-grinding rips and flowing motions, the piece exists as a “throbbing state of anarchy backed by crashing drums and dizzying guitars… ending as startingly as it blew in.” (I Heart Local Music, 2018)

Drugs & Attics:
Drugs & Attics is the new premier party drug rock band thats NOT FOR YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!! OPENING UP THE UNITED STATES OF PARTY AND EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!
High Dive Records

The Phlegms: