December 7, 2018 9:00 pm

Frank’s North Star Tavern

508 Locust St

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the depths of winter is poised to wrap its icy talons around your warm memories of summer. As the tryptophan fog finally lifts from your football addled eyes, you wonder what now? How can I find something to fill the empty hours between the pumpkin pie and the consumerist bacchanalia of late December? Fortune is yours this holiday season! For coming to a neighborhood bar near you – specifically Frank’s North Star Tavern – will be the warm holiday glow of Cryin’ Out Loud! It’s true. We will be opening an evening of music with our partners in musical mayhem, the Mad Kings, that will be as hot as any Yule log that ever spontaneously combusted. Even the King of Kings upon his heavenly throne will train his divine peepers on Frank’s and wish that he could come to the bar and enjoy the festivities. Sadly, he knows that would ruin the fun as all the good boys and girls floated off to heaven and the bad boys and girls were left behind . . . . oh, wait a minute. Nevermind. You should definitely come to Frank’s.