January 18, 2019 10:00 pm

Replay Lounge

946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

785) 749-7676

We’re so excited to have Pink Fuzz (Formerly Bandits) from Colorado back! Joined by rad psych babes bloom, and KC’s Mysterious Clouds!

Pink Fuzz:
Pink Fuzz (formerly BANDITS) are a red-hot bowling ball, shot out of a homemade cannon into the side panel of mid 80’s Ford Bronco.

Led by the unmatched chemistry of brother/sister John and LuLu Demitro, Pink Fuzz have “managed to enter a higher society of artistry by discharging a brand unlike any others in the provincial industry.”

Straddling the line between psychedelic and downright explosive, Pink Fuzz find themselves drawing in dazed listeners to a focal point of sound, just before pushing back with enough power and energy to knock the asbestos out of the ceiling of your towns grimy rock club.

Heavy psych grunge with bong rips

Mysterious Clouds:
fuzz guitars, vintage synths, REVERB, dusty beats, space echoes, psychedelic trips, feel good vibes

Photo by I Heart Local Music