Genre: Folk-Rock, Pop, Soul, Blues
Members: Chelsy Larson, Cody Case, Dylan Bassett, Michael Paul, & Michael Stephenson

Bio: Based in Lawrence, KS, Clowder started in 2014 when Cody and Chelsy started playing and writing together for small gigs. Chelsy’s voice is a haunting and gripping cross between Stevie Nicks and Bonnie Raitt, while Cody’s songwriting lyrical and stylistic influences draw from such artists as Elliot Smith, The Doors, Ani Difranco, and Bob Dylan. “Sunny with a Chance of Clowder” is a well-rounded collection of of upbeat and contemplative songs about love, longing, loss, and adventure. CLOWDER is a collective noun for a group of cats that includes Cody, Chelsy, Will Treaster, Michael Stephenson, Dylan Bassett and Krishnaswami Ramachandran Azad.