Ross Williams has one of the prettiest voices in the scene. The local songwriter, who performs as Wild Eye, has up to this point performed strictly solo. But in the past, he was the frontman for No Cave and has lent his talents to Oils. So there is a bit of psych-rock influence seeping out every now and then. But with reverb-rich guitar effects and a James Taylor-esque smoothness to his vocals, it’s hard not to melt at the sound of his folk-inspired tunes.

With tones reminiscent of Bear In Heaven, Williams’ songs had us eager to hear what he would sound like with a full band behind him (his partner in life, Alex, is a serious synth maestro in UltraVivid, so that sound could come full circle if they collaborated). We’re also secretly hoping other musical acts with borrow Williams’ vocals on their tracks in an effort to create a fuller, rounded out sound.

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