We really didn’t think No Cave could get any more psychedelic.

The Lawrence band has been keeping busy with a steady stream of shows since winning Farmer’s Ball last month. They added a synth player and debuted this new lineup at the Bottleneck on Friday, where they shared the stage with Major Games and Paper Buffalo.

No Cave is deserving of all the attention and praise. They’ve got an entrancing stage presence that keeps even non-psychedelic fans fixated on their maneuvers. It’s hard to ignore statuesque frontman Ross Williams as he hops around the stage and even leans into the crowd a little bit. We normally see him do this at the Replay, but he took full advantage of the bigger space at the Bottleneck. No Cave also seems to always be developing their songs, introducing new ideas of rhythm and layering to their experience.

Williams’ dizzying vocals are heavy on the reverb, and the singer isn’t afraid to just forgo actual words and indulge in a few whoops and rhythmic yelps. Wild drummers are a must in psychedelic bands, and this band’s got that trait nailed down.

No Cave was a bit of a wild card this year. Lawrence has seen a lot of psychedelic influence in local music, and there’s no concern that the scene could get weary on it with bands like No Cave keeping the intrigue high.

Words and photos by Fally Afani

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