by Nathan Cardiff

On her fantastic new EP, The Only Girl In The Room, Heidi Lynne Gluck simultaneously gives us melancholy and ecstasy with her nostalgic pop. The singer/songwriter brings her unique takes to call out societal conventions and twists them into gorgeously subtle anthems on love and isolation. Just listen to the title track; a superb, piano driven, vintage tinged tune that at once conveys anxiety, but also shrugs it off with confidence. That feeling of being “the only girl in the room” comes with the frustration of being the recipient of unwanted leers and gawking from those that occupy it. Gluck’s subtle and powerful delivery gives anyone the strength to deal with the bullshit though.

There’s the soft melancholy of “Target Practice” (with its devastating descriptions) and “Orchids” (with stellar keys) to the mellow patience of “One Of Us Should Go.” The buzzing guitar on the hypnotic closer “Where Will They Bury Me” gives Gluck the last word and leaves us holding on to every word she sings and the uncertainty of the lyrics cannot mask the cool she possesses.

Favorite Tracks: “Only Girl In The Room” & “Target Practice”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: You can watch Heidi Gluck perform at Love Garden on Saturday, May 16th with Bonzo Madrid.

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