by Nathan Cardiff

A screech and squeal blend with the strum of “What Do You Say When You Go?” the first track on Wild Lies, the four track EP from Lawrence’s own Wild Eye. The psychedelic folk wraps up the simple lyrics to transform them into a mantra (“What will you see/If you’re set free”) for the infinite void.

The reverb rattle on “Realize” brings the beautiful acoustic guitar to hypnotic heights and the haunting “I’m Listening” grabs you like a ghost. The heavy hitter is closer “I Am Almost Gone,” a gorgeously quiet track with the album stealing lyric “I am almost no one now.” The subtle delivery throws you to the floor. Wild Eyes is filled with stellar moments like these; brief, but never forgettable songs delicately drenched in glory.

Favorite Tracks: “Realize” & “I Am Almost Gone”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: Wild Eye plays the Jackpot on Friday, May 8th.

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