If you’ve been to a Truckstop Honeymoon show before, then you’ll know that this is a fairly family-oriented act. If the show is early enough, the popular folk duo tend to have their children in tow. So it’s no surprise that after touring extensively with the family, they would know a thing or two about life on the road with kids.

The band just released a new children’s book titled “Truckstop Honeymoon’s Guide to Touring for Young Musicians.” Mike West, the banjo-wielding half of the duo, illustrated the pictures for the book, which features the band’s “kids couch surfing and gigging around the world.”

You can acquire the book through the band’s website or download one for your Kindle here. A quick glance at the band’s website shows that this isn’t the first time they’ve released a children’s book.

You can tell Mike and Katie West how much you like the book in person when Truckstop Honeymoon performs at the Lawrence Arts Center on November 22.

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