While most of Downtown Lawrence was abuzz with the KU homecoming parade on Friday evening, muggles young and old found themselves under a spell high atop Wonder Fair.

The art gallery hosted a performance by Harry and the Potters. The band pays epic homage to the book series with a number of Potter-themed tunes. They indulged fans in tales about Hogwarts, Hagrid, and Hufflepuff.


Just about every single tune called for a great amount of audience interaction. If you were in the crowd, you were raising your hands, singing long, and occasionally belting out little screams and squeals here and there. Every song had a catchy Potter-themed hook, and the band taught everyone how to sing it prior to each one. Being a bystander was simply not an option here.

The band was also keen on puns, silly jokes, and a few magic tricks. This level of cheese delighted the fans, who were particularly fond of the “wand portion” of the program.

Here are a couple of clips from the evening:

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