Words and photos by Mitch Jones

Often I find myself stuck in the past. There’s always a trigger – a song, a smell, a place – it’s a feeling that consumes me entirely, sometimes for days. All I can think about is a moment years behind me and what I wish I had done differently or just simply try to relive that instance in my head. Friday night I went out to dinner with an old friend and we found ourselves reliving the past and swapping tales of the glory days. I walked into the Replay in a cloud of old emotions. This is when I discovered a new kind of trigger.

As the first notes cut into the stagnant air, I was reminded exactly where I was, or rather, when I was. The time was the present and that’s exactly what All Blood sounds like. Right fucking now. It’s the tube driven riffs and bass grooves of ’66 combined with the raw energy of ’77. It’s pure, it’s real, it’s heart, it’s passion. It’s everything you didn’t see if you watched the Grammy’s.

So world, be the Garth to my Wayne when I tell you “live in the now!”

And speaking of now, go listen to their 18 track album for free, like, now.

Words and photos by Mitch Jones

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